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The foundation of Web4 internet

In order to unify, a system is needed which allows us to build multi-chain dApps and worlds, without needing to build a custom API every time.

The OASIS API connects with most major web3 blockchain providers & web2 databases/clouds, as well as Holochain, SOLID, ActivityPub, IPFS, and ThreeFold. Offering apps unprecedented connectivity, speed, reliability, up-time stability, and more.


Build your App/dApp Using the OASIS API

Access our simple, powerful language and tools designed to make building on or migrating into The OASIS as hassle-free as possible.


Supercharge your App’s Performance.

Speed, stability, reliability & security.

OASIS is a network of networks API, acting as an abstraction layer over the entire internet. It can automatically find the fastest node in your local area independent of network. A completely new protocol to give any dAPP peace of mind.

Get the best of everything

OASIS API takes the best performing qualities of every provider and has auto-load balancing and auto-failover for all providers, eliminating all weaknesses and making a platform where the sum is greater than the parts.


Connect to the Metaverse

Sign-On Singularity

On the OASIS, sign-on is done with a single Avatar which follows users across any app, site, game or service they use. No need for multiple passwords, or multiple wallets.

Interoperability with the digital world

OASIS is equipped to give and receive information from any Web2 / Web3 application. Making a connected virtual world a reality.

Open Source, and Decentralised

OASIS is fully open source, and gives you complete control of your data and how you choose to share it. Your sovereignty is protected from the ground up.



Below are some of the blockchains currently compatible with the OASIS API. Meaning your app can get the benefits of all of them.

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